Jan 17 2018

A Ghost Story


Movie recommendation: A Ghost Story

Oct 20 2017

Who Listens to Punk Anymore


Sep 24 2017

Fade Into You


Heard this song in the mini series “Big Little Lies”. Apparently I’ve heard it before watching “Orange is the New Black” but I didn’t think twice about it.
The scene in “Big Little Lies” was so powerful, the editing, the composition of the shot, the back story and this song all came together to create one of great moments in cinema.
At least that’s what I think.

I thought about posting the scene below but even though I believe that one scene says it all, does it justice for me, maybe it won’t for you, maybe you need to see the whole thing.
And it’s worth it.

Nov 13 2016

Hey Hey


Nov 7 2016

Mihâly Vig


In my absence I have done nothing of significance except come across this great gem (I think it may be the coolest thing I’ve ever seen (emphasis on coolest)).

And some movie recommendations:

The Turin Horse by Béla Tarr (Hungary, 2011)
I Am Love by Luca Guadagnino (Italy, 2009)
The Chaser by Hong-jin Na (Korea, 2008)
Once Upon A Time In Anatolia by Nuri Bilge Ceylan (Turkey, 2011)
Son of Saul by László Nemes (Hungary, 2015)

Aug 1 2016

Only Thing Worth Waiting For


Jun 26 2016

Kelly Boom Boom


When he calls me kitten, kitten soft and low I say,
“Yes, yes, what is it my love?”

He says, “Nothing, not really just wanted to hear your kitten voice to know you are near”

When he calls me kitten, kitten when it’s quiet and dark I say,
“Yes, yes, yes what is it my heart?”

He says, “Nothing, not really it’s just I miss you so, you know how I hate it, I hate when you go”

When he calls me kitten, kitten in the middle of the night I say,
“Yes, yes, yes what is it my life?”

He says, “Nothing, not really for the angels I wait
Oh, the angels that took you
The angels are late”

Jun 22 2016

Oh The Ruins, The Ruins Of My Heart


Im sure your thoughts are not with me Take head take head of the western wind the wind the wind is blowing Freedom soon will come Every time you give them shelter That kind of man who is reaching for the sky just to surrender And he doesnt give you much not even laughter I told you when I came I was a stranger And just when you mean to tell her that you have no love to give her Jesus was a sailor he walked upon the water And he spent a long time watching from his lonely wooden tower He sank beneath your wisdom like a stone And the rain pulls down like honey There are children in the morning they are leaning out for love and they will lean that way forever I never said that I was brave I see you have gone and changed your name again Drag your shadow down the street Oh the wild wild sea singing sweet to me And sometimes I dont mind at all and sometimes head against the wall And at times I wonder where you are I am knitting something nice for you


Your arm splits into two

I see you are a ruin

And what else could I want

Keep the car running Burning as the year is glowing You can mess up my life like a poem Write me a song I could sing in my sleep With a bird on my shoulder lost in its song Big great song blues So if your heart is faster that mine why dont you come and waste time where I have been I have nothing on you Meditate your loss So form a liar I pictured a rainbow you held it in your hands I saw the Crimson and you saw the whole of the moon Everyone will fall Maybe its the weather or something like that but mama you have been on my mind.

Aida Gradina Photography

Aida Gradina Photography

Aida Gradina Photography

Aida Gradina Photography

Aida Gradina Photography

Aida Gradina Photography

Aida Gradina Photography

Aida Gradina Photography

Aida Gradina Photography

Words: Bob Dylan Leonard Cohen AA Bondy Aidan Knight Arcade Fire Idiot Wind The Waterboys

Apr 22 2016



Oh the wind the wind is blowing
Freedom soon will come

Feb 16 2016

Stone Milker


Bjork, yes! Please and always!

Nov 2 2015

When The Early Morning Breaks


Lay me down in your ocean, carry me and my burden.
I was dreaming about you honey. I was hoping you’d save me.
I can feel you firing straight into my heart.

Aida Gradina Photography

Aida Gradina Photography

Aida Gradina Photography

Aida Gradina Photography

Cannon Beach, Oregon, USA
August 2015
Words: Lykke Li – Gunshot

Jun 11 2015

He Was Pointing At The Moon, But I Was Looking At His Hand


I have always been in love, my whole life, since I was a child I am sure. Even when I did not love a sepcific person I was still in love with love. And it pained me and created a hopeless romantic out of me, but it also created a dark side I can no longer shake off. I have learned to hide it so well that sometimes even I forget it exists. I realize now I am in love with this darkness. I love how it looms over me, hovers, and despises me. It is comforting, and familiar in a lot of my photography. Art is tragic, and I think you need to be strong to overcome the isolation and the darkness of it all because you are the darkness and it is your heart you are painting or versing or photographing, always. Beauty becomes accompanied by a saddness, a sort of nostalgia, I don’t really know what…
All I know is that it all makes me happy, and sad because I miss him, and I wish I could talk to him after all these years because he was dark and beautiful and I was always looking at his hands.

Aida Gradina Photography
(“Melancholia” series, my friend Rose taken at the Rose garden)

Eventually something you love is going to be taken away. And then you will fall to the floor crying. And then, however much later, it is finally happening to you: you’re falling to the floor crying thinking, “I am falling to the floor crying,” but there’s an element of the ridiculous to it — you knew it would happen and, even worse, while you’re on the floor crying you look at the place where the wall meets the floor and you realize you didn’t paint it very well.
- Richard Siken (includes title of post)

And speaking of all that’s dark here are a few films, my dear reader, I promised to recommend every now and then for your viewing pleasure

1992 Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me – David Lynch
1999 Eyes Wide Shut – Stanley Kubrick
2011 Melancholia – Lars Von Trier
2013 Nymphomaniac – Lars Von Trier
2013 Young and Beautiful – François Ozon
2014 Lost River – Ryan Gosling

Mar 9 2015

Mainstream Genius


The fascinating thing about mainstream media is that every now and then it tends to stray into genius.
And Shia is killing it.

Jan 12 2015

The Place Beyond The Pines


I heard a perfect echo die
Into an anonymous wall
of digital sound
Somewhere deep inside
Of my soul.

A natural beauty should be preserved
like a monument to nature
Don’t judge yourself too harsh,
my love
Or someday you might find
your soul endangered
A natural beauty should be preserved
like a monument to nature.

You had so much
and now so much is gone
What are you gonna do
With your life?

What a lucky man
To see the earth
before it touched his hand
What an angry fool
To condemn

One more night to go
One more sleep
upon your burning banks
A greedy man never knows
What he’s done

A natural beauty should be preserved
like a monument to nature

Neil Young – Natural Beauty

Aida Gradina Photography 2015

Aida Gradina 2015

Aida Gradina Photography 2015

Aida Gradina Photography 2015

Sep 13 2014

Twin Peaks


I love the way she’s portrayed in photographs, specifically those by Vogue Photographer Nicole Bentley and GQ magazine photographer Mariano Vivanco.
I wish David Lynch and Lana collaborated, they’ve both got that power beneath the darkness.


(GQ Magazine, photograph by Mariano Vivanco)

I am alone in midnight
Been trying hard not to get into trouble
But I, I’ve got a war in my mind
I just ride

May 26 2014

Under The Skin


I am so inspired by this film.
(Initially, the director wasn’t going to use any music in the film until the main character heard it on a radio station.
Mica Levi fought the way.
Bloody incredible. All of it.

Apr 4 2014

Bob Dylan, Why You So Good


This is awesome!
I dare you.


(do a little work and copy the link onto your browser, trust me, Dylan’s name is on it)

For my lack of photos posted I will redeem myself by a haiku which so clearly states the reasoning behind all of this.

I got so upset
Over working every day
I went back to work

(It’s supposed to be funny)


This one’s called Eating Dinner Alone Haiku

Crying over your meal
Does not make it tastier
It makes it salty

Mar 18 2014

It’s Like Magic


Some more of that magic, or whatevs you wanna call it.

Feb 23 2014

But I Discovered I Cannot Shake Melancholy


I saw one of my favourite musicians perform tonight, Mark Kozelek.
I was amazed to see that he was exactly the person I thought he would be. He did not hide behind his music, like I sometimes hide behind my photography. It was brave, and very personal, everyone felt it.
I really like this song.

“I watched the film ‘The Song Remains the Same’
At the midnight movies when I was a kid
At a Canton, Ohio mall with friends
One warm summer weekend

Jimmy Page stood tall on screen
I was mesmerized by everything
The Peter Grant and John Paul Jones dream sequence scenes
The close-up of the mahogany double-necked SG

And though I loved the sound of the roaring Les Paul
What spoke to me most was ‘Rain Song’ and ‘Bron-Yr-Aur’
And I loved the thunder of Jon Bonham’s drums
But even more I like “No Quarter’s” low Fender Rhodes hum

I don’t know what happened or what anyone did
From my earliest memories I was a very melancholic kid
When anything close to me at all in the world died
To my heart, forever, it would be tied

Like when my friend was thrown from his moped
When some kind of a big truck back-ended him
And when the girl who sat in front of me in remedial
Was killed in an accident one weekend and quickly forgotten about at school

And when we got the call that my grandmother passed
The nervous tension I’d been feeling for months broke
And strangely I laughed
Then I went to my bedroom and I lay down
And in my tears and in the heaviness of everything I drowned

Though I kept to myself and for the most part was pretty coy
I once got baited and had to clock some undeserving boy
Out on the elementary school playground
I threw a punch that caught him off-guard and knocked him down

And when I walked away the kids were cheering
And though I grinned, deep inside I was hurting
But not nearly as much as I hurt him
He stood up, his glasses broken and his face was red

And I was never a schoolyard bully
It was only one incident and it has always eaten at me

I was never the young schoolyard bully
And wherever you are, that poor kid, I’m so sorry

And when I grew older I learned to play guitar
While everyone else was throwing around a football
Wearing bright colors the school issued them
Parroting passed down phrases and cheer leading

I got a recording contract in 1992
From there my name, my band and my audience grew

And since that time so much has happened to me
But I discovered I cannot shake melancholy
For 46 years now I cannot break the spell
I’ll carry it through my life and probably carry it down

I’ll go to my grave with my melancholy
And my ghost will echo my sentiments for all eternity

And now when I watch ‘The Song Remains the Same’
The same things speak to me that spoke to me then
Except that now the scenes with Peter Grant and Jon Bonham
Are different when I think of the deaths that fell upon them

I got a friend who lives in the desert outside Santa Fe
I’m going to visit him this Saturday
Between my travels and his divorce and our time not being what it was
It’s been 15 years since I last saw him

He’s the man who signed me back in ’92
And I’m going to go there and tell him face-to-face, ‘thank you’
For discovering my talent so early
For helping me along in this beautiful musical world I was meant to be in”

Jan 31 2014

So Ill


Amazing music and videos.

Open Eye Signal – Jon Hopkins from AOIFE MCARDLE on Vimeo.

‘CLAIR DE LUNE’ // Flight Facilities from DAVE MA on Vimeo.

Rhye – Open from Daniel Kragh-Jacobsen on Vimeo.