Albeit A Happy Moment


Self Portrait; Running to the other corner of the entrance of a building I was not supposed to be at, so said the security guard as he drove by. If you’re going to disallow me to photograph then put handcuffs on my freaking hands so I can’t hold a camera, do your job properly, and arrest me please. Fuck. (Although I was not holding the camera at this very moment, my dear assistant was, and there were no signs that said a law abiding citizen could not enter the premise, it’s a freaking public site that closes at 9pm, thank you very much)
And why is this space there then if you’re not allowed to wallow in it’s ruined glory

Aida Gradina Photography

This place brings so much of my childhood memories back. It brings back home.
And I sincerely want to wallow in it, yes for I find it most beautiful and haunting.

I miss my home, and the ruins, the ruins of my heart.

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